I always enjoy visiting schools and meeting students. I offer a variety of programs and am happy to tailor them to your group’s size, ages, and curriculum needs. Please contact me for questions and availability.

$150 per presentation

FREE Zoom or Skype presentations with purchase of ten or more books

Trouble’s Daughter paperback, Amazon list price $10.95; classroom discount through author $8

Redcoats and Petticoats paperback, Amazon list price $9.99; classroom discount through author $7

A Spy for George Washington

Based on true incidents and true people of the Revolutionary War, my picture book Redcoats and Petticoats recreates the actions of a patriot spy ring. Set on Long Island, New York, where I grew up, my research included visits on foot and by boat to the story’s locations. This presentation serves as a great tie-in to curriculums on the American Revolution. Grades 3–5

Uncovering Native American New York

While researching my young adult novel Trouble’s Daughter, I studied archaeology with the late Dr. Herbert C. Kraft of Seton Hall University. This presentation, featuring artifacts found by Dr. Kraft, introduces a group of Algonkian people known as the Lenape or Delaware Indians. (Note: Out of respect to Native peoples, no photos or illustrations of human remains will be shown.) Grades 4–9.